We can make our own custom filters or attributes either by implementing the ASP.NET MVC filter interface or by inheriting and overriding methods of the ASP.NET MVC filter attribute class if available. Optimizing a .NET application’s performance is essential to ensuring a smooth and satisfying user experience. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your understanding of best practices in .NET development and your ability to implement them effectively. Interviewers ask this question to gauge your technical expertise and understanding of core programming concepts. Showcasing your knowledge on when to use interfaces demonstrates that you can tackle complex programming tasks and create well-structured, maintainable code. Digging into your experience with specific technologies, such as WPF or WinForms, allows interviewers to gauge your expertise in creating desktop applications.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

Then, it selects an appropriate view to display the results and passes the processed data to that view. As a .NET developer, it’s important to demonstrate a deep understanding of the C# programming language and its various features. Extension methods are a powerful aspect of C# that allow you to add new methods to existing types without modifying the original type or creating a derived type.

What are the types of memories supported in the .NET framework?

It communicates with databases or other data sources to retrieve, store, and manipulate data. The View is responsible for displaying the data from the Model in a how to become a .net mvc developer user-friendly format. It defines how the information should be presented on the screen. The Controller acts as an intermediary between the Model and the View.

interview questions for experienced .net mvc developer

During this process, I pay close attention to any recent changes that could have introduced the problem. Another project involved using React alongside .NET Core for developing a single-page application (SPA). The modularity of React components complemented the microservices architecture implemented on the backend, resulting in improved maintainability and scalability.

 Discuss the Purpose and Benefits of Using Redis Or Other Caching Mechanisms In .NET MVC.

One of the many advantages of using ASP.NET MVC lies in its seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies such as Entity Framework, SQL Server, and Azure. Furthermore, this framework boasts excellent performance optimization capabilities, which can be attributed to features like caching, bundling, and minification. Global level – By registering your filter into the Application_Start event of Global.asax.cs file with the help of FilterConfig class as shown below. But bundles automatically take care of this problem by adding a hash code to each bundle as a query parameter to the URL as shown below. Whenever you change the content of CSS and a JS file then a new hash code will be generated and rendered to the page automatically. In this way, the browser will see a different Url and will fetch the new copy of CSS and JS.

This will demonstrate your capacity to contribute to a sustainable and efficient development environment. Employers are interested in your ability to seamlessly integrate front-end technologies with .NET backends because it demonstrates your versatility and adaptability as a developer. They want to ensure you can create cohesive, efficient, and visually appealing applications that provide a seamless user experience. Showcasing your knowledge and experience with multiple technologies highlights your capacity to handle complex projects and adapt to the evolving world of development. SOLID principles are the foundation of good software design, and they help ensure that code is clean, maintainable, and scalable. As a senior .net developer, you’ll be expected to have a deep understanding of these principles and be able to apply them effectively in your work.

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If you are a fresher and want to study the basics, you can study MVC from our .NET programming certification training course. And in case you wish to master the full stack web development field in general, our Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development, in collaboration with Caltech CTME, must be your next learning stop! Choose the appropriate method based on your application’s requirements and potential bottlenecks. Benefits of custom tag helpers include improved readability, reusability, and separation of concerns between markup and logic.

  • ASP.Net MVC has an attribute called “HandleError” that provides built-in exception filters.
  • In action methods, we need to retrieve data from requests to be used by the data.
  • This is a key skill for modern web applications, as APIs are the glue that connects different systems and services, enabling seamless data exchange and application integration.

The Result filters are executed before or after generating the result for an action. The Action Result type can be ViewResult, PartialViewResult, RedirectToRouteResult, RedirectResult, ContentResult, JsonResult, FileResult and EmptyResult which derives from the ActionResult class. The View logic takes care of the data’s display, aka the user interface. These views are created from the model data and various other methods. Scott wrote at one point, The first parameter to the “RenderSection()” helper method specifies the name of the section we want to render at that location in the layout template. The second parameter is optional, and allows us to define whether the section we are rendering is required or not.